Qualifying Broker Frequently Asked Questions

We are dedicated to facilitating the completion of all necessary forms for your Company Licensing, guiding you to optimal resources that streamline this process. Our support extends to assisting in the establishment of your company with the Secretary of State when necessary and coordinating with the real estate commission.

The Broker for your Company will be prominently featured on all contracts. The specific setup may designate it as our broker or your salesperson, depending on the structure of your company.

Your Company will receive the commission directly from the Title Company or Licensed Attorney who handled the closing we do not handle the money. Since you own the company, you will write yourself a check from the company checkbook. As the Qualifying Broker, I will not be involved in any money transactions.Your Company’s Broker will be prominently identified on all contracts. The particular configuration may specify whether it functions as our broker or designates it as your salesperson, contingent upon the structure of your company.

We offer the convenience of conducting a single real estate transaction in nearly every state for a flat fee. Our services encompass access to all state-required forms, both on the listing side and the buying side, ensuring a streamlined and comprehensive transaction experience.

Certain states mandate it (we have the specifics), while the majority permit an out-of-state office for your convenience.

The determination of everything hinges on the assessment of risk and the time commitment associated with becoming your qualifying broker.

You own and have complete control of the corporation.You possess full ownership and absolute control over the corporation.

Each of our brokers brings a minimum of 10 years of extensive experience, with many having qualified numerous companies throughout their careers. Whether you require a short-term or long-term solution, we have the ideal broker to meet your needs.

In certain situations, yes; in others, it depends on the broker matched to you and your needs. In most cases, the required knowledge is already within the company, and what you primarily need is the right licensed person.

Upon entering into a contract with our company, the terms are clearly defined, serving as our operational foundation from that point forward. These terms can vary significantly from one company to the next, ensuring a tailored approach to our collaboration.

Our brokers are members of hundreds of MLS systems nationwide, ensuring comprehensive coverage and inclusion in all major MLSs.

Choosing a Qualifying Real Estate Broker is a pivotal decision, and we stand out as the optimal choice for your real estate firm. Enjoy the advantage of zero commission fees, along with the absence of transaction or desk fees. This setup allows you to concentrate on expanding your brand, recruiting licensed agents into your real estate firm, and amplifying your revenue stream. Throughout this journey, our dedicated service remains steadfast in supporting your endeavors.

Certainly, our expertise extends to effective consultation across a broad spectrum of residential real estate matters. Leveraging our extensive experience and years of qualifying diverse companies in all facets of residential real estate, we are confident in our ability to bring value to any situation.